URJA 2016 Day One


Theme:-Material world ,success and courage.

Day 1 : AAGHAZ              July 13, 2016


The wonderful energetic annual orientation program URJA-2016 was inaugurated with the traditional gesture of lighting the lamp by Dr. Sanjay BIyani, our Academic Director cum Founding Partner of Biyani Group of Colleges.

Dr. Sanjay Biyani welcomed the new students with his excellent refreshing magical spirits contained in his words. He in his brief motivational lecture filled the atmosphere with positivity and every corner of the auditorium was witness of his exceptional command over the knowledge of human behavior and mindset.

According to him “Time” is the most precious gift of God and has to be cherished and used properly in life to achieve your goals. He threw lights on the importance of commitment and perseverance in life. He also discussed about being curious and inquisitive towards every walk of life. He motivated the girls to fill themselves with infinite energy to excel in life. A brief meditation session and melodious music were also a part of his seminar. Dr Biyani invited the students to the stage too and made them dance freely to feel the wonderful power of music in human lives.

He motivated the students to be enthusiastic all the time and for that he advised them to :

  • Be Excited, Be Happy
  • Spend time with Nature
  • Love self
  • Set a target and a goal

He emphasized the importance of singing and music for keeping the body aligned with nature. Highly encouraged students happily sang the song: “ Aaj se pahle , aaj se jyada ; Khushi hum ko ,kabhi nahin mili”.

In words of Dr Biyani “Break your old patterns, think and believe that you can sing, can dance, can act. You are magical; first love yourself then only you can love others. Be natural, think out of the box. Change your thought patterns, write your goals clearly, learn something new daily. Be more confident, improve your personality, and value yourself & surroundings. Don’t be jealous of anybody around because it will dissipate your energy which must be used only for realizing your dreams.”

Students were filled with tremendous energy and gave highly positive feedback of his motivational speech and appreciated their own decision of joining Biyani College for their career advancement and optimistic vision in life. Above all some students were happy to dance on the stage. They appreciated the video showing Amitabh ,smiling child, Jitendra ,crying baby etc.

Next meditation was very enjoyable where students were given running commentary by Sir in a very inspiring way. He instructed to move towards inside and to stop judging, to feel the power inside, to be trust worthy .to feel that “you are an energy” not a body. He  also said energy is never destroyed so with this idea you will never be scared.You can become like Kalpana chawla,Indira Gandhi.

2nd session

Speaker:- Ms.Harsha Rohit.

Theme:- Personal grooming.

Ms.harsha Rohit is the founder and director of Hr Thikiya and having 10years of experience in counseling, anchoring, selling and in marketing spoke about social etiquettes; .She told manners make you beautiful. As a woman you should be appreciated. Major guide lines of her speech taught very simple basic   major points e.g. how to move sit, how to get up , how to give introduction , how to introduce self ,how to shake hands and how to use soft and polite language. She really impressed the students  by giving examples and doing practically by the help of students.

3rd Session.

Speaker:- Dr.Satish Handa.

Topic;- Communication  skill.

He said how by our language we influence people around us. This skill helps anyone to be confident, dynamic  and to grow personality .He said we can express our thought beautifully by words.According to him——“Watch your thoughts,they become your words,

Watch your words, they become your actions,

                      Watch your actions, they become your habits,

Watch your habits,they become your character’

                      Watch your character ,they become your destiny.

He insisted to use simple words. Also added one can express  his thought beautifully and can write his own destiny

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